Fringe show will look back at the Pulse massacre and its aftermath

Voices from Orlando Fringe

“O-Town: Voices from Orlando” will be performed at the Orlando Fringe Festival featuring performances by Henry Gibson, Jenn Gannon, Mark Rush, David Lee, Gabriella Juliet, Daniel Cooksley and Rebecca Fisher. (Photo by Beverly Brosius.)

ORLANDO – The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival kicks off at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16 at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center, and runs through May 29. This year the nearly three-week long festival will feature the largest line-up of shows in its history.
One of the shows will shift away from the kinds of zany comedies that often typify Fringe, and take a look back at an event that happening nearly a year ago, and that shocked people around the globe: the massacre at the Pulse nightclub near downtown Orlando.
O-TOWN Voices is bringing the world premiere of “O-Town: Voices From Orlando” to Fringe, with a Special performance on the eve of the One Year Anniversary of the June 12, 2016 attack on Pulse Nightclub. David Lee, the writer and director of Ant Farm Productions and the recipient of the 2016 Orlando International Fringe Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award, created this original theatrical event that shares stories and experiences from the days, weeks and months the Pulse massacre. The show was put together based on interviews, blog postings and stories from The Orlando Sentinel’s coverage of the massacre, recreating them on stage with six local actors.
Producer Margaret Nolan said this project started to come together right after the Pulse attack, when she reached out to David to create a monologue about the massacre.
“I commissioned him to write the monologue ‘O-Town’ last year after the tragedy as part of an international theatre action called AFTER ORLANDO,” she said. “That was a collection of 78 plays from playwrights from around the world. I produced an evening here of curated pieces in Orlando in the Mandell at Orlando Shakes in October.”
Freeline Media asked David to tell us how this show was created. Continue reading

Loving foster home needed for a special dog

Kiva disabled dog

Kiva, a dog with a mysterious illness, is now at the Lake County Animal Shelter and needs a loving foster home.

TAVARES – Do you have a warm, comfortable spot in your home – that a very sweet dog would enjoy relaxing on?
If so, contact the Lake County Animal Shelter. They’re looking for a foster home for a dog named Kiva.
The dog is suffering from an ailment that the veterinary team can’t figure out, but as they continue to look for a cause to why this dog is not able to stand up or walk, they’re hoping a family can give Kiva a happy place to stay in the meantime.
The Animal Shelter is promising that taking in Kiva will be a rewarding experience because of the dog’s pleasant disposition, despite her condition.
“Just by looking at Kiva’s innocent smile and wagging tail, you would never guess that this little girl is battling a mystery illness,” the Animal Shelter noted in a new release. Continue reading

Polk County commemorates its history during World War I

BARTOW – Thursday marked a significant anniversary: it was 100 years ago when the United States officially declared war on Germany and entered World War I. President Woodrow Wilson called a

Polk County history

Polk County, Florida, is rich in history, and the Historical Association will soon unveil a new exhibit on the role its residents played in World War I.

special joint session of Congress to “formally accept the status of belligerent which has thus been thrust upon it.”
On Thursday, the Polk County History Center, the Polk County Historical Association, the Polk County Veterans Council and the Polk County Historical Commission announced plans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of America’s involvement in World War I by honoring men and women of Polk County who served in “The Great War.”
The war that started in the summer of 1914 in Europe was one the United States officially entered on April 6, 1917. Later this summer, the Polk County Historical Association will present a glimpse into residents of this county were impacted a century ago.
When the Historical Association holds its annual meeting on June 15 at the Bartow Civic Center. there will be a special program on Polk County in World War I, and then on Nov. 11, the Polk County History Center will open a new exhibit featuring biographical profiles of Polk residents who served in World War I. Continue reading

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