Lake County Animal Shelter seeking homes for senior dogs

senior dogs

Magnolia is one of four senior dogs that the Lake County Animal Shelter needs homes for.

TAVARES – Is there room in your home for a Ladybug? How about a Magnolia?

No, this isn’t about insects or plants. It’s about older dogs that don’t have a home – but very much need one.

The Lake County Animal Shelter is now looking for homes for several senior dogs, including ones they’ve named Magnolia, Ladybug, Shela, and Suki.

Elisha Pappacoda, the public information officer for the Lake County government, which oversees the shelter, said this is a special request at a time when the shelter in Tavares is undergoing some needed changes.

“The shelter is currently undergoing some remodeling, and we have a few special senior pups who would benefit from staying in a comfortable, safe home rather than returning to the kennels at this time,” Pappacoda noted in an email about the adoptions. Continue reading

Polk County Sheriff revives its Haunted Jail Tour with “The Ghost of Calvin”

Haunted Jail Tour

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is bringing back its popular Haunted Jail Tour.

BARTOW — For decades, people who committed crimes spent time in the old Polk County jail in Bartow. Some even passed away there.

And today, questions linger about whether a ghost or two has stayed behind in that old jail building … waiting to see who comes to visit.

That includes one inmate by the name of Calvin, who committed suicide in that jail … but did he ever really leave?

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is bringing back its popular 2017 Haunted Jail Tour, and the theme this year is “The Ghost of Calvin.”

Noting that the spooky event was “back by popular demand,” Carrie Horstman, the public information officer for the Polk County Sheriff, said the tour will benefit The United Way of Central Florida.

This is an opportunity this Halloween season to see what’s truly scary about the jail (outside of the obvious – how unpleasant incarceration is, so be sure to stay on good behavior at all times.)

The tours will be held on the final two weekends in October. Volunteers for the sheriff’s office will be leading guests through “The Ghost of Calvin” tours from 6-11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 20-21, and Friday and Saturday, Oct. 27-28 at the PCSO old jail at 455 N. Broadway Avenue in Bartow, directly across the street from the Bartow Police Department. Continue reading

A water-logged blue heron is saved by Lake County firefighters

lake county blue heron

Firefighters in Lake County, Florida helped save a water-logged blue heron.

ASTOR — A lot of unique stories came out of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in Central Florida, including the impact on many families’ pets.

The storm also impacted the region’s wildlife. That was the case in Lake County, where a blue heron owes its life to county firefighters.

This week, Lake County Fire Rescue’s Chief Dan Miller and Lt. Jason Rivera were out searching for a python that had reportedly attacked, and devoured, a local resident’s pet cat.

But they discovered something else instead: a struggling blue heron.

The bird, which is an iconic symbol in Lake County’s logo, had been water-logged in the heavy flooding that Hurricane Irma delivered to the county.

As Miller noted, it started with a visibly upset pet owner and shifted to the bird. Continue reading

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