Wait, is Disney building homes in Poinciana? No, no, no — hence the name change.

What's with the name of this movie, and what does it have to do with building homes in Poinciana?

POINCIANA – So what’s in a name, anyway?
For one local business, which has played a huge role in the development of one of the fastest-growing communities in Central Florida, a recent name change has a lot to do with popular entertainment – and Disney.
That’s because Tony Iorio is frequently asked why the company that he works for as vice president of development decided it no longer wanted to be known as Avatar.
The reason, Iorio said, is far too many people associate the word Avatar with a hit movie and now one of the region’s largest theme parks, and not with a home builder in Poinciana.
“AV Homes Inc. is our new name,” Iorio said. “But we will continue to be a community builder.”
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Arts in Transit brings performers to the commuters.

Arts in Transit aims to bring performance artists to Lakeland commuters.

LAKELAND – In urban areas, there are plenty of different places to host art: museums, coffee shops, elegant restaurants, even on the walls of City Hall.
In Tom Phillips’ vision, there’s one other place, sometimes tapped into within major cities but not as often in smaller ones. And that place, he said, is on public transit.
But he’s convince just the same that art belongs on buses, on bus stations, and in other places where commuters regularly go.
“What we’re doing is Arts in Transit,” said Phillips, the executive director of Polk Transit, the county agency responsible for improving transportation access in the communities across Polk, from Lakeland over to Poinciana.
And what he came up with is a series of events and special activities that merge the arts with public transportation – to bring creativity to those who leave the driving to someone else.
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Hoping to build new “magical memories,” Disney outlines plans for the future.

Some things at Disney, like the Contemporary Resort, have changed much in 40 years. But there are other changes on the way at the theme park giant. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

LAKE BUENA VISTA – If there’s one word that probably worries theme parks more than anything else, it’s stagnation – the notion that their rides and attractions are overly familiar to tourists who are now ready to move on to newer, more exciting spots.
That kind of familiarity probably seems like the ideal goal for a theme park like Walt Disney World, which after all promotes itself as being a place where families build “magical memories” from one generation to the next, said Lexi Green, an interloper for the theme park giant.
“Disney is not just an attractions experience, it’s a memories experience,” Green said, as she reflected back at her own initial visit to the theme park giant near Orlando.
“My very first Disney ride was Dumbo,” she said of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride at the Magic Kingdom. Continue reading

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