Orlando artist and craftsman is retired from teaching, but not from his craft.

Freeline Media editor Mike Freeman interviews Tebe Horne, the artist who runs Creative World. (Photo by Dave Raith.)

WINTER PARK – Tebe Horne knows some people are a bit surprised when they first notice the necklaces and jewelry that he designs.
After all, he uses some rather unique material.
“It’s a free-form copper,” he said. “We work in stainless steel, copper and glass. The joy of stainless steel is you don’t have to polish it.”
But he understands that some women will do a double take when they see what the jewlerty is made of.
“It takes a very artistic and creative woman to want to wear my jewelry,” Horne said. “They have to have a certain uniqueness about them.”
Horne is an artist who runs Creative World LCC in Orlando, and as often as he can, Horne gets out into the community to display hhis work – at art shows and exhibits or, as he did on Thursday, at charitable events like the one held at Wearable Art by Scott Laurent, the shop at 340 Park Ave. in Winter Park. That shop was hosting a fund-raising event for the non-profit organization Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach. Continue reading

From John Michael Montgomery to archery and watermelon eating contests, check out Thunder on the Ridge.

Lake Eva Park in downtown Haines City is expecting 40,000 people to turn out for the Thunder on the Ridge celebration on July 4. (Photo by Dave Raith).

HAINES CITY – There will be slice after slice of watermelon available throughout the day on July 4, turning Lake Eva Park into something closely resembling a massive watermelon patch.
The key to all that, Holly Carter said, is discovering which brave souls are prepared to consume the highest number of slices.
“It just goes by the slice,” she said. “It’s whoever eats the most. So it all depends. We’ve got about 30 watermelons coming here that we’ll slice into pieces, and we’ll slice those into smaller pieces for the kids.”
What this is, she added, is another effort by the Haines City Parks and Recreation Department to entertain the crowds expected to turn out at Lake Eva on Independence Day for the annual Thunder on the Ridge celebration.
Watching people consume slice after slice of watermelon is just one element of the fun, said Carter, the event coordinator for Thunder on the Ridge. Continue reading

Wait, is Disney building homes in Poinciana? No, no, no — hence the name change.

What's with the name of this movie, and what does it have to do with building homes in Poinciana?

POINCIANA – So what’s in a name, anyway?
For one local business, which has played a huge role in the development of one of the fastest-growing communities in Central Florida, a recent name change has a lot to do with popular entertainment – and Disney.
That’s because Tony Iorio is frequently asked why the company that he works for as vice president of development decided it no longer wanted to be known as Avatar.
The reason, Iorio said, is far too many people associate the word Avatar with a hit movie and now one of the region’s largest theme parks, and not with a home builder in Poinciana.
“AV Homes Inc. is our new name,” Iorio said. “But we will continue to be a community builder.”
Continue reading

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