Miss Poinciana Pageant: Not a dry eye in the house.

The first ever Miss Poinciana Pageant came off without a hitch on Friday, July 27. (Photo by Dave Raith.)

POINCIANA – As the crowd gathered at the Poinciana Community Center, Wendy Farrell was paying particular attention to the young girls who had shown up.
“When they first came in, they were hiding behind their moms,” she said.
The transformation that followed, as these young girls got on stage in the Community Center’s auditorium, was nothing short of remarkable, Farrell said.
“They were strutting their stuff,” she said. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house for those little girls.”
On Friday, July 27, in a year when Poinciana is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a community, a little bit of history was made when the Community Center hosted the very first Miss Poinciana Pageant, an event that put the women and girls of Poinciana front and center.
More than 150 people attended the event, including Farrell, who said it was nothing short of inspiring to see such a positive, upbeat and entertaining event come off without a hitch. Continue reading

It’s anniversary time at the P-House, and on Monday the celebration begins.

The Parliament House Resort will begin celebrating its 37th anniversary on Monday, with a week-long celebration. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

ORLANDO – Over on North Orange Blossom Trail, there’s a place that seems to have it all: singers and dancers, actors and musicians, a virtually nonstop stream of entertainment.
People in Central Florida know, Michael Wanzie said, that on Saturday nights, the Parliament House is eager to entertain.
“We think we really are a little bit unique,” said Wanzie, the artistic director of The Parliament House Resort and its Footlight Theatre. “We don’t do shows four or five days a week like other theaters do, but we have a show virtually every Saturday night of the year. We’re never dark on a Saturday night.”
Although the Parliament House is perhaps best known locally as the premiere gay resort in Central Florida, Wanzie said the Footlight Theatre has definitely built up a strong crossover audience, where gay and straight audiences alike, men and women of all ages, come for the drag shows, comedy and music that Footlight as built up a reputation for. Continue reading

Up, up and away … the International Balloon Festival is coming up.

Jason Schulke talks about the upcoming Kissimmee International Balloon Festival of Festivals with members of the Four Corners Area Council. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

FOUR CORNERS – Sometimes events start out small, but have the potential to soar to amazing heights.
This September, Jason Schulke is hoping to do both.
“This is definitely a community initiative,” he said. “There are a lot of efforts that are being put into this.”
Schulke is the director of business development and marketing at Orlando Balloon Rides, which specializes in offering private hot air balloon rides for couples and families.
Now he’s also one of the organizers of the upcoming Kissimmee International Balloon Festival of Festivals, which will be held on Sept. 21-23, at Formosa Gardens Village at 7836 U.S. 192 in Four Corners. It’s going to be an opportunity to take part in a three day event that Schulke hopes will not only offer something for everyone, but will be the start of an annual event that becomes a staple in the Four Corners area. Continue reading

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