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Pass the veggies, please, at the Veg Fest

ORLANDO – Cookouts on the grill with sizzling burgers, steaks and hot dogs, outdoor events featuring plenty of beef products …. Sigh. What’s a veggie lover to do? One possibility is to set aside Saturday, Oct. 25, make a trip to Orlando Festival Park, and revel in the largest vegetarian festival in the South – [...]

Do you love, love, love your calendar girl?

LARGO — According to the calendar, fall is coming up on Monday, Sept. 22 – although, of course, in Central Florida the tropical weather will make most of us feel like summer isn’t over just yet. With that in mind, a well-known restaurant chain has made it clear that regardless of whether it’s summer or [...]

Coming up: National Chicken Wing Day at WingHouse

TAMPA – Ask yourself one question, and quite honestly: have you earned your wings? Crawford Francis Ker, the former offensive linebacker for the Florida Gators, certainly hopes so. That’s because Tuesday, July 29 marks a special day for Ker: it’s National Wing Day, which not surprisingly means the folks at his own WingHouse Bar & [...]

I-Drive restaurant imports fresh scallops from the oceans of Alaska

ORLANDO — Commercial fishing is a major industry in the state of Alaska, and this has been the case for literally hundreds of years, ever since Alaska Natives began harvesting salmon in the early 17th century. One of the most popular meals to come out of the frigid Alaskan waters is fresh Alaska Weathervane Scallops. [...]

Champagne lounge coming to downtown Orlando in February

ORLANDO — Downtown Orlando, already known for hosting a wide variety of specialized restaurants and nightclubs, is about to get even more diverse when it becomes the home to this region’s first champagne lounge. Within a month, the champagne corks are expected to be popping at Pagne Champagne Lounge, an establishment that plans to offer [...]

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