Freelining with Mike Freeman: What is it about eggs?

scrambled eggs

May was National Egg Month, and as Mike Freeman notes, there’s good reason to celebrate them.

ORLANDO — About a week ago, I was chatting with my sister Kerri when we first got on the subject. I was getting concerned, I said, but my sister brushed off my fears with a quick wave of her hand.
“They used to say that,” Kerri noted, “but now they don’t believe that anymore.”
It was music to my ears.
In these turbulent times, when so much in the world seems to be going miserably wrong, we had shifted away from all those horrors to settle on a far more pleasant subject: eggs. More specifically, the fact that I had become a major egg fan late in life, but often found myself wondering what strange allure eggs held over me.
May was National Egg Month, and checking around, it seems I wasn’t the only one doing some celebrating. The Egg Nutrition Center has been urging the un-eggthusiastic to grab a carton during their next visit to the supermarket and find out how many glorious things can be done with them.
“May is a perfect month to celebrate the arrival of spring, mothers, and the Incredible Egg,” the Egg Nutrition Center noted. “While eggs are commonly associated with breakfast and protein, many aren’t aware of the nutrient package the whole egg provides. Continue reading

Pass the veggies, please, at the Veg Fest

The Central Florida Veg Fest will be held in downtown Orlando on Oct. 25.

The Central Florida Veg Fest will be held in downtown Orlando on Oct. 25.

ORLANDO – Cookouts on the grill with sizzling burgers, steaks and hot dogs, outdoor events featuring plenty of beef products …. Sigh.
What’s a veggie lover to do?
One possibility is to set aside Saturday, Oct. 25, make a trip to Orlando Festival Park, and revel in the largest vegetarian festival in the South – a virtual who’s who of plant-based goodies.
The Central Florida Veg Fest will be celebrating its ninth year on Oct. 25, when it gets held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the park at 2911 E. Robinson St. in downtown Orlando. It’s partly a celebration of vegetarian cooking and meals, partly a fund-raiser to further the cause of a vegetarian lifestyle, and partly educational. Anyone who desires to learn more about the benefits of vegetarian eating, this is the event for you. Continue reading

Do you love, love, love your calendar girl?

The WingHouse calendar for 2015 is now available -- bikinis galore!

The WingHouse calendar for 2015 is now available — bikinis galore!

LARGO — According to the calendar, fall is coming up on Monday, Sept. 22 – although, of course, in Central Florida the tropical weather will make most of us feel like summer isn’t over just yet.
With that in mind, a well-known restaurant chain has made it clear that regardless of whether it’s summer or fall, the bikinis are here to stay — year-round, in fact.
To reinforce that point, Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill has unveiled its 20th Annual WingHouse Girls Swimsuit Calendar, now ready to be purchased at all 24 WingHouse locations in Florida.
“We are incredibly excited about this year’s WingHouse Girls Swimsuit Calendar — and think it’s one of the best we’ve produced to date,” said Crawford Ker, CEO and founder of Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill. “It’s hard to believe we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary of both the calendar and the restaurant, but it makes this year’s calendar very special to me and our loyal customers.” Continue reading

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