Social Media creates a boost for Networking

Finding places to network with others is a good start.

ORLANDO — Ask yourself this: is networking something you actually enjoy, or a part of the business world you feel obligated to take part in?
Truth is, networking remains a critical tool for marketing your business — and it’s gotten easier in the age of social media.
Without a doubt, social media now provides businesses with remarkable tools for reaching new and vast audiences. But don’t let anyone tell you networking is too old-fashioned to work anymore. It remains a potent tool when it comes to marketing.
Best of all, it shares the same benefit as posting something about your company on a social media account: it’s free! There are also a lot of opportunities to network in most major cities, including Orlando, and you can check out sites like Meet Up to learn more.
So it comes down to this: how much you hope to gain from networking really depends on how much time and shoe leather you want to put into it. Continue reading

The power of digital to fight human trafficking

Advances in digital technology can be used to fight human trafficking.

ORLANDO — January was the month when activists work to raise awareness of a devastating ongoing problem: human trafficking.
Starting on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day on Jan. 11, the month is dedicated to sounding the alarm and issuing a sobering reminder that we all possess a powerful weapon to fight human trafficking: digital communications.
The same tools that allow companies to connect directly with new and existing customers, and to encourage customers to embrace their products, also can be utilized in the global war against sexual slavery.

There are an estimated 21-30 million people who are enslaved in the world, more than at any time in human history. The tragic faces of modern slavery include children forced to become soldiers in bloody civil wars, girls as young as 13 who get sold into prostitution, and migrant workers exploited in the workforce. Continue reading

Real estate marketing in 2017: Tips for going digital

ORLANDO — Heading into 2017, Realtors have plenty of creative opportunities to find new customers digitally.

ORLANDO — Heading into 2017, Realtors have plenty of creative opportunities for finding new customers — and not necessarily in the old-fashioned way, like putting out lots of those For Sale signs that people see when they’re driving around.
The trend in marketing this year is far more likely to be digital.
Times have changed.
There was a time when Realtors wanted a prominent office right in their city’s urban core, inviting prospective buyers to drop by and start a search for their dream home.
Today, it seems what a Realtor needs most is a virtual office — an online presence that stands out and provides crucial information, particularly for first-time home buyers in their 20s who are used to conducting every possible search on their smart phone. Continue reading

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