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Property management firms offer guidance in a hot housing market

ORLANDO — Central Florida’s housing market remains appealing to buyers — including investors who recognize that purchasing a home in the Orlando area is likely to pay off handsomely in the future. This is particularly true for foreign investors who recognize that Central Florida’s strong economy, thriving tourism industry, and strong growth means their property [...]

Thales expanding operations in Central Florida

ORLANDO – Further cementing this region’s ties to European businesses, a global technology leader based in Paris just announced they will expand operations in Central Florida, creating hundreds of jobs here, while investing more than $20 million in the region. The office of Gov. Rick Scott announced on Monday that Thales Group, a leader in [...]

U.S. politics, not Brexit, expected to impact foreign investments in Orlando’s housing market

ORLANDO – Despite the uncertainty created by the Brexit vote, residents of Britain are unlikely to lose interest in the value of a second home in the Orlando area, said the director of one of the top real estate associations in London. Nick Churton, the managing director of Mayfair International Realty, said Brexit won’t alter [...]

Construction industry is booming in the Orlando housing market

ORLANDO – Once upon a time – say, about eight years ago, when Florida’s housing market went bust and the state’s foreclosure rate soared – it was difficult to sell newly built homes, and the construction industry went into a painful tailspin. No more. According to a new report by Metrostudy, which does annual surveys [...]

British pound drops, while U.S. mortgage rates also head lower

ORLANDO — Britain’s sterling currency fell on Monday to a 31-year-low against the dollar, while U.S. stocks also fell sharply in early trading – a vivid reminder of the financial uncertainly that’s been triggered since British voters opted last Thursday to vote to leave the EU. The situation seemed to confirm the warnings by economists [...]

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