With Fall arriving soon, is it time to buy a motorcycle?

motorcycles in fall

Now that Fall is about to arrive, is it time to start thinking about buying a motorcycle?

ORLANDO — The arrival of fall means if you’re planning to spend some quality time traveling on your motorcycle, you’ll definitely be one with the environment.

You’re also going to be at the mercy of the elements, so before you mark your trip on the calendar, think about what you need to make your fall journey the best one yet.

That’s especially true if you’re heading someplace where the summer heat disappeared weeks ago, and the taste of fall
is already in the air. Before you start the engine, be sure you’ve got the right gear to maximize your confront and safety, no matter what your surroundings are. That includes wearing the right protective gear for the trip.

And you’ll definitely want to be out riding throughout the coming months, because this is one of the most rewarding times to enjoy our nation’s highways and roadways, for a variety of good reasons.

Fall is one of the best seasons to be out riding. It’s a time when most parts of the country are enjoyably mild and the scenery – autumn leaves in New England have an amazing reputation for a good reason – is gorgeous. Continue reading

Don’t toss your electronics in the garbage, strive for e-recycling

used electronics

Your old cell phones might look like junk, but don’t jump to that conclusion.

ORLANDO — Here’s a great tip: if you have an old laptop that no longer works, don’t throw it out.

In fact, the worst thing any of us can do is toss those aged electronics in with our regular trash, and let it end up in our community landfills.

Why? Well, it’s a sure way to create serious threats to the environment.

Recycling your used laptop is a much better idea. For one thing, you can we turn your used electronics into cash by recycling them. Electronic recycling firms can help you in another way: they can go a step further and help you remove any sensitive data from your old laptop. That includes passwords and any other private information stored on there.

Now, here’s another tip: even before you reach that stage, think about salvaging some of the parts inside your laptop. Just because it no longer works as your personal computer doesn’t mean your laptop no longer contains plenty of individual parts that still have value.

And those parts can be salvaged as well. Continue reading

Wonder Woman movie inspires social gathering in Polk County

save the day wonder woman

The new “Wonder Woman” movie opening on Friday has inspired a special social gathering for women in Lakeland this weekend.

LAKELAND — Friday marks the opening of the new Warner Bros. movie “Wonder Woman,” starring Gal Gadot as Diana, princess of the Amazons, who is trained to be a warrior that can’t be conquered. Her life is dramatically altered when she meets an American pilot who tells her about the terrible war going on in the outside world.
The movie, based on the DC comic book created by William Moulton Marston, has inspired more than 50 women in Polk County to gather on Saturday for a special event marking the film’s opening.
It’s all a celebration of the talent in Polk County’s world of successful business women.
The plan is to watch the movie at the Lakeside Village open air shopping mall. The women plan to gather at the mall around 1 p.m. for a celebration lunch at Grillsmith’s on Saturday, then catching a 3:45 p.m. IMAX 3D showing of the film at the Cobb Theater.

Local Wonder Women

The event was organized by Merissa Green, a former news reporter at The Lakeland Ledger. Green said during the lunch, the women plan to talk about their own unique Wonder Woman experiences, as well as doing some networking.
At least one of them will win a Funko Pop Wonder Woman in an invisible jet, courtesy of the Arcade 80s, a video game store in Winter Haven. Continue reading

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