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Alpha Male Ryan: Homesickness in prison.

Editor’s Note: Stanley “Tookie” Williams, cofounder of the notorious Crips gang, was a death row prisoner from 1981 to 2005, when he was executed. In his autobiography, “Life in Prison,” Williams wrote that homesickness was one of the most agonizing emotions that inmates went through. “Worst of all is knowing there is no cure for [...]

Alpha Male Ryan: Privacy in Prison

Editor’s Note: If prison is meant for one thing, it is to strip inmates of the freedoms they enjoyed before they were convicted of criminal behavior. Those freedoms include one cherished by millions: the right to privacy, to spend time entirely alone, with no one else to interfere with that glorious solitude. That right of [...]

Alpha Male Ryan: Bloody fists in prison.

Editor’s Note: Hollywood movies set in prison, like “Doing Hard Time” and “Lockdown,” virtually always show inmates fighting one another, often to a bloody pulp. The films suggest violence is a common problem in correctional institutions. In their book “Behind Bars: Surviving Prison,” criminologists Jeffrey Ian Ross and Stephen C. Richards write that “The most [...]

Alpha Male Ryan: Daily Routine Hell.

Editor’s Note: In their book “Behind Bars: Surviving Prison,” authors and criminologists Jeffrey Ian Ross and Stephen C. Richards write about the monotony of prison life — inmates who follow the same routines, day after day, of meals, work, rec time outside, and count. “Everyone goes through the same routine upon arrival in prison,” the [...]

Alpha Male Ryan: Your public stature after winning a fight.

Editor’s Note: Alpha Male Ryan spent 20 months in a Florida prison, where he experienced his share of fights with other inmates. Since being released in January, Ryan has managed to refrain from using his fists. But here he recalls a time when fighting didn’t mean senseless violence, but standing up to bullies, defending oneself [...]

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