“Phantasmagoria” is back for more eerie Halloween tales of terror

ORLANDO — Phantasmagoria. If you hear that word in Orlando, it’s likely to mean something special, something unique, to a whole lot of city residents. And the first thing they’re likely to note in their minds is that it must be Halloween season. “Phantasmagoria” is the long-running series of theatrical… Continue reading

Freeline Productions publishes eerie novel “Waking In The Dark”

ORLANDO — Freeline Productions has released a collection of dark tales, based partly on the author’s dreams … and nightmares. The book explores themes that range from modern day Antisemitism and a rising tide of extreme nationalism, to sexual paranoia, and whether aging historic properties truly can harbor malevolent spirits.… Continue reading

Fringe Review: “Theodore’s Super Fun Adventure”

ORLANDO – “Theodore’s Super Fun Adventure” starts off as a gay-meets-cute comedy, has a wonderfully engaging performance by lead actor Mike Van Dyke, tosses out plenty of funny quips … and then it takes a radical, startling change in tone at the end. The very light beginning is almost a… Continue reading

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