Alpha Male Ryan: The lame link between violent video games, and violence.

Violent and graphic video games like the Xbox disc "Saint's Row 2" are an escapist fantasy for adults, Alpha Male Ryan says, but don't prompt viewers to become more violent themselves. (Photo by Alpha Male Ryan).

Editor’s Note: A 2008 study from Iowa State University indicated that children exposed to video game violence became more aggressive than kids with less exposure to them; in part, the research suggested, that’s because children who watch those violent games internalize the message that the world is a hostile place, so acting aggressively is an acceptable way to deal with it. The games also desensitize children to violence, the study indicated.
Alpha Male Ryan spent two years in prison on an aggravated assault and battery charge. He played violent video games before he was sent to prison, and continues to do so now that he’s been released. And he views the link between those games and aggressive behavior as being unconvincing at best, and ridiculous at worst. The average daily news broadcast, he noted, can offer the same level of graphic violence as most video games.

I have a new video game called “Saints Row 2.” A guy breaks out of prison, and goes around killing people. Read the back where it says it’s rated M for mature content — depicting bloody action, graphic language, graphic violence.
Think I’d let my son play that? Not a chance.
But I’m an adult, and I can differentiate between reality and fantasy. That’s why it’s rated M for mature. It means you cannot buy it unless you’re 17 and older — an adult.
If you’re under 17, that individual might not be old enough to differentiate between reality and fantasy — ‘In this video game I just played, I robbed a bank so I must be able to do that in real life.’
So why do I play? It just takes you out of your reality for a little while. Sometimes you just need a break from life.
Some people get it through drinking, some people get it through exercise, some people get it through crime. I escape through video games every once in a while. If there’s any anger involved, it’s not from the game, but the people I play against. I think that’s where the anger comes from. I’m playing video games to escape from life, and some little bastard comes on mouthing off and makes you angry. It’s other people, not the game itself.
I play mature games, and there are always kids on there, cursing you online. Sometimes it makes me want to jump through the screen and strangle them. So I usually play in small groups with friends to cut down on the online rage incidents that happen, where you get so p**sed off because they won’t shut up. You end up muting them. Anybody that plays video games can relate.
Do these games make people violent? I don’t think that any sane, mentally healthy person would play a violent video game and then run around and emulate what they did on that video game. Now, an unsane person might do that, but who’s to say it was caused by video games?
That’s an excuse made up by lawyers to get people off, that’s all that is.
The critics of these games could say I played video games, got convicted of a violent crime and went to prison, so the video games made me violent … desensitized me to violence.
That’s so lame. I never knew a single guy in prison who played video games and then went out and committed a violent crime — not one. It’s not logical to link crime to video games. That’s like saying because you watch the evening news and there’s a report on a bank robbery, you’re going to go out and rob a bank. How do you make that transition?
That’s like saying President George W. Bush started two wars overseas because he played video games. How stupid is that?
Now, I’d say that healthy-minded, perfectly logical people would not play violent video games and allow it to obscure their view of reality. But then again, a healthy-minded, perfectly logical person would not stick a heroin syringe in their arm, either. But there are a whole lot of addicts out there.
I like video games because it’s a mini-vacation. You’re transported to another time, another place, digitally — just somewhere else, just like you’re going on vacation.
If you don’t like me playing bloody and violent video games, then I say this: Don’t let your kids buy them.
Otherwise, mind your own business.

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