Alpha Male Ryan: Ghosts on Death Row.

As the sun sets over this open field off Babb Road in Kissimmee, it was rumored for a long time to have been haunted. (Photo by Alpha Male Ryan).Editor’s Note: The Web site has a list of well-documented haunted prisons and jails around the world, but Florida State Prison — which was constructed with the death chamber in 1961 — is not one of them. During his 20 months of incarceration at a facility next door to Florida State Prison, Freeline Media contributor Alpha Male Ryan worked in the death chamber, even got a chance to sit in the electric chair. He also heard a thing or two about the ghosts that were supposed to be haunting that prison to this day.

There’s an open field in Kissimmee, close to where I grew up, off Babb Road. Everybody used to say the area was haunted.
It’s empty now, but it didn’t used to be a field. When I was a kid, there used to be three abandoned farm houses there, and a horse barn with a pen, and stadium seating and lights from where they used to have rodeos. It was all abandoned. You could see where plenty of kids went out there and partied.
I went out there a few times with friends to drink some beers. The farm houses were locked and the windows had been busted in. There was no electricity, so it was really dark in there at night, because it was out in the woods. So there was an element of thrill to it being out there. My friends used to say the farmhouses were haunted.
When I was sentenced in 2010, the prison I was sent to used to house death row inmates. We lived in the old death row.
And the issue came up a couple of times, where there had been some instances where the inmates and the guards thought they had seen ghosts in there.
Sometimes an inmate would see people walk by his cell, and he’d get a peek out in the hall to see who it was — and there was nobody out there.
There was a guy one time who swore his cell was haunted, and ghosts lived in there, and he wasn’t going to stay in there — they could take him to the jail, to solitary confinment, he didn’t care, he wasn’t staying in there. He kept saying he saw something in that cell.
Some people don’t believe in that stuff, and some people do. But I’ll tell you this, in the 20 months I was in prison, I worked for a while at Florida State Prison next door to us. I was doing welding and machine fabrication. They had a fabrication shop there. Florida State Prison also had the death chamber, and I saw what was death row.
When you’re on death row, you’re guarded 24 hours a day for your last week before you’re executed, so you don’t kill yourself and steal the honor from the state. A guard watches you 24 hours a day.
One time I laid on the guerney where they strapped you in and killed you. You weren’t supposed to do that, but the guard let me do it. It was the one — it wasn’t just a guerney, it was the guerney they executed you in.
I sat in the old electric chair, too. It wasn’t that big of a deal to do it, but it was like, Wow, people die in this thing.
One time I had to remove the beds on death row. The prison wanted new beds in there. So anybody that had ever been executed in that prison in the state of Florida had slept in those beds that I was moving. That means Ted Bundy had been on those bunks at one time.
So if there are ghosts in those two prisons, I’m sure those ghosts were not too happy to have been on death row.
But you know what — I’m sure most of those ghosts did something pretty bad to get there in the first place.

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  1. Sreerag Nair says:

    May I ever feel to get in touch with spirits, just once i did in childhood where i had seen myself lying on pyre of fire and every1 said me dead…
    Feel of that moment is said scared n eyesof your never seems to see world around u but something which is created by some1 else than u 🙂

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