Alpha Male Ryan: Gays in Prison.

Is the concept of love — or, more importantly, sex — between men in prison just in the movies, or does it really happen? Alpha Male Ryan ponders the role that gays play behind bars. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

Editor’s Note: Alpha Male Ryan spent nearly two years in a Florida prison. Ryan, who is straight, says if anyone thinks there’s no homosexuality in a men’s prison, they have a lot of learning to do.

There was a gay guy that lived diagonal to me in the same dorm on my last week in prison. He was the flamingest thing around. He was black, and he was always talking about the white boys.
I think he had AIDS. He said something once about when he goes home, this is where he wants to die. He took a lot of medicines every day.
Poor guy.
There were a few gays in my prison, and honestly, a lot of the guys used them and went to them for sex and stuff. When I first got there, I thought there would be a stigma in prison about being gay, but there wasn’t. There were a lot of guys who talked sh*t about gays, but they were the same ones who would go hang out with them.
There were quite a few fem gays in prison. They would be the ones who made the most money, selling. The butch gays, they didn’t.
When the state took cigarettes out of the prisons, cigarettes became expensive to have. But the gays always had cigarettes, let’s put it that way. There are a lot of guys in prison addicted to whatever they’re addicted to, and they don’t have any money. So you’ll do anything to get it.
The gays were selling sex, and it was a marketable quantity in prison — “If you want to do this, it’s this much.” It’s the same thing women on the street do. They use their sex for marketing, for trade. Only, it’s all men-on-men in prison.
I never had a gay bunkmate. If I had, I would have told them, Don’t put your hands on me, don’t try me like that, because I’ll be forced to beat your a**. It’s not that you’re gay that I’m beating your a**, it’s that you’re disrespecting me like that.
I knew a few gays in prison, but I kept my distance from them. You never knew what those guys had. In prison, a lot of gays can get AIDS. I didn’t even want to fight one of them. Say you hit them in the mouth and cut them, and they bleed on you, and you have a cut on your hand. It’s scary.
On my first day at the Reception and Medical Center, my first day in prison, I saw a guy raping another dude in the shower. It was this big muscular dude doing this little queenie dude.
I had just gotten into prison, and I had heard about rape. I wore my boxer shorts in the shower, because everyone told me if I went in and if anybody tried me like that, you’ve got to prove yourself right away. If somebody tells me “You have to do this” and I do it, then everybody will be telling me what to do.
I couldn’t let anybody get away with that. I had to take the first shot.
I was already in the shower when these two dudes came in. I was in my white boxers, facing the wall. They had these two showers next to each other, and the small one started playing with himself. Then the muscular one pulled the smaller one by the waist, and he pulled him over to his shower, and that was it.
There was no condom here. And this prison was a medical ward. The small one probably had AIDS.
Me, I turned around and pretended I didn’t notice. But I hurried up and finished my shower. I didn’t want the muscle guy to try me. Otherwise word gets out and you could spend your entire time in prison getting raped.
I still don’t care if two gay guys want to get married.

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5 Responses to “Alpha Male Ryan: Gays in Prison.”

  1. Bob Tremblay says:

    Excellent article.
    I like these insights into prison life.Eye opening to say the least.

  2. An expert says:

    A helpful topic merits provide feedback. I presume that you should generate more on this particular topic, it might not be considered a taboo subject but normally people are not enough to discuss on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  3. Crew Matthews says:

    Sick Sick Sick….

  4. Todd Ruopp says:

    Thanks, Michael, for helping the average person understand what prison life is like. I volunteer at a local correctional institution and it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences. You quickly realize how awful it is to spend any time in prison. No privacy, no safety, and no liberty. Reasonable people can debate the purpose of prison – punishment or rehabilitation or both. But anytime I hear people talk about making life inside bars more difficult for inmates, all it tells me is that they have no idea what they are talking about. It is already unbearable and doesn’t serve any purpose to make it worse.

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