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Freeline Productions’ online magazine, Freeline Media, has a low introductory rate for a size 250×250 (pixels) ad placed on this magazine.
Think about it: You can now run an ad for one year advertising your business, product or service, for a very competitive rate.
You can also run an ad for an upcoming event, activity, special program or promotional deal for the same low rate. Once the date of the event has come and gone, Freeline Productions will provide you with free written press releases for the remainder of the year — a real bargain.
Freeline Productions will also write, edit and promote the coverage for your blog or web site for $50 a month for as long as you need our services. Contact us now at to find out more about how we can help your business grow. The staff at Freeline Productions can give you a free consultation outlining our services and rates. We’re available at your earliest convenience.

Take advantage of an opportunity to reach thousands of viewers each month.
Since making its debut in October 2010, this online magazine has received hits from a worldwide audience that includes readers from all across the globe.

Freeline Media has a number of ad options available. On the main page, advertisers can select the following sizes:
* 250×250 (pixels)
* 125×125 (pixels)
* 125 high, 250 across

Ads can also be placed in any of the 450-plus articles, opinion pieces, and reviews available on this site’s very diverse news content.
When a reader clicks on your ad, it takes them directly to your web site, so we bring our readers directly to you. That’s thousands of readers each month to connect directly onto your Internet site to learn more about your business.

Freeline Media can also post ads inside any of the more than 450 articles on the site, and we can post your YouTube video inside those articles as well. Let us bring you directly to our growing number of readers.

Learn more about Freeline Media’s great, low-cost opportunity to reach out to Freeline Media’s fast-growing audience.
Call us for our rates.

For information, please contact:
Michael A. Francis, advertising manager

Freeline Productions LLC.

After clicking subscribe, a Sales Representative will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order and location of the ad.

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