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Welcome to Freeline Media, the online magazine that covers the communities you live in, work at, and play in, the region your family calls home, and does so with a special emphasis on one thing: finding the positive, upbeat and encouraging news about what’s happening in Central Florida.
By logging on to, you can read about every possible aspect of this fast-growing, thriving region, a capital for tourism innovation, advanced health care programs, the traditional mainstay of the citrus and farming industry, and now a growing high tech field. Central Florida remains an exciting and dynamic place, with a strong future. The people who have chosen to call this region home know that Central Florida will continue to expand and attract new investment in the coming years in areas as diverse as business, transportation and entertainment.
For an online magazine, that’s a lot to cover. When you click on to the site, Freeline Media will take you to a lot of places. We cover the business community, the government, the giants in the theme parks and hospitality, and the ever-changing real estate world. We’re also there to cover the more low key, but still crucial aspects of our lives, from the churches we attend to the military veterans who call this region home, to the lifestyle options that brought us here in the Freeline Media first place.
Freeline Media will help guide you through the plentiful options we have here, with reviews of upcoming concerts, theater productions, and local restaurants.
We share our opinions and values with our readers, letting them know what the staff here at Freeline Media thinks in exciting, refreshing columns like Freelining with Mike Freeman, In-Cite and 20-Something Take.
Most importantly, Freeline Media goes out of its way to find and cover positive events that other print or online publications are simply ignoring. At Freeline Media, it’s not just about sensational crime stories, hype about rising jobless numbers, or the latest grim statistics in home foreclosure rates. It’s easy to pile on the negative news, which so many other publications are only too tempted to do.
Instead, at Freeline Media we offer you a far more hopeful glimpse at your community, shining a light on the people who still believe Central Florida is a terrific place to live, and who are working quietly behind the scenes to do things to make this region better, to bring some hope to their neighborhoods, and to help all of us achieve a brighter future. They deserve this recognition; too many other media outlets simply ignore them.
Freeline Media won’t make that mistake. We’re here to remind everyone that Central Florida has wonderful people, businesses and institutions, and we’ve got them covered.


Freeline Productions LLC was founded in November 2008 by Michael W. Freeman, a veteran journalist and fiction writer who had decided to write and produce a play that was accepted into the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival for six performances in May 2009. Freeline Productions became the production company for this show, as well as a second original play that was produced at the Fringe Festival in May 2010.
In October 2010, Freeman expanded Freeline Productions to include an online magazine, Freeline Media, and a full-scale writing and editing production company to meet the needs of businesses and individuals who require assistance in these two areas.
The magazine is updated daily, and continues to take its readers – now more than 200,000 per month, with views worldwide – to new places and to meet new and exciting people in this region.
Freeline Media can also be found on Facebook at and on Twitter at Twitter@FreelineOrlando. Check us out, and get daily updates about our latest articles, reviews and columns, what’s new and innovative at Freeline Productions, and what we have in the works.
Freeline Media is a rear view mirror on the week that just sailed by, along with the crystal clear view of where we’re headed next.

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Theatrical work of Freeline Productions:


A man enters the home of a good friend, thinking he’s alone in her house. He doesn’t sense the presence of someone else in the room … until the man clicks on the light, raises his gun and aims it squarely at our victim …. so begins “Hooked,” Michael Freeman’s first theatrical production at the Orlando International Fringe Festival in May 2009. “Hooked” was a dark comedy about online dating.

Hooked the postcard

The play was directed by Laurel Clark, who is also the show director and entertainment manager of Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows, and starred Kevin Kriegel, a veteran Orlando stage actor. The Orlando Sentinel’stheater critic Elizabeth Maupin wrote that the play “feels like seamy drama but keeps veering strangely into comedy … The tone veers wildly between jokey and hyper-charged.”



The cast and crew of “Hooked”: Lee Fields, Michael Freeman, Kevin Kriegel, Alan Gallant, Eve Metlis, David Knoell (seated), Laurel Clark, Scott Hodges















A comedy about an often unfunny situation — unemployment — “Copping A Craigie” looked at the lives of six people who were either unemployed, underemployed, or stuck in a job they hated … and how their lives come together through some bizarre circumstances as they look for a way out of the career-hunting blues.

“Copping a Craigie” sold out four of its six shows at the Orlando International Fringe Festival in May 2010. Directed by Laurel Clark, it starred Dave McConnell and Michael Colavolpe and drew positive reviews.

“It’s a show that (thankfully) doesn’t have much deeper to say than people are fundamentally lazy, shallow and greedy. And who could argue with that? … Dave McConnell stands out as a particularly dim bulb of a hunk. Things get off to a slow start, but the laughs amp up as all the characters inevitably converge, British farce style, in a single apartment for the funny conclusion” … Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel theater critic

“It is true that this is not Shakespeare. But, if you can get past a few way too coincidental happenstances, you can see that playwright and director have conspired to pull every available laugh out of said situations. Of particular note among the cast is McConnell, who knows how to push the mugs without becoming, well, muggy. So, if you are looking for a nice piece of comic confectionery spend an hour with Copping A Craigie. It’ll satiate the sweet tooth” …. Paul Castaneda

“Bizarre as the story is, there’s plenty of comedy here …  it has an internal logic and cohesiveness that makes it much more enjoyable than its exploitive synopsis might suggest” ….  Archikulture Digest


The cast of Craigie (standing): Toby Pruett, Michael Colavolpe, Heather Delmotte, Alan Gallant, Dave McConnell and Jamie Cline, and crew (seated), Laurel Clark, stage manager Desmond Flynn, and Michael Freeman




"Murder Sleep" is an eerie drama set in a hotel .... a haunted hotel ....

“Murder Sleep” is an eerie drama set in a hotel …. a haunted hotel ….

Freeline Productions recently brought to the Orlando area the premiere of Michael Freeman’s original play, “Murder Sleep,” a dark drama set in an aging hotel in Fort Lauderdale.
It starts, during the slow recovery from a brutal national recession, with a desperately needed break for R.T. — his first new job in nearly three years. His new employer even puts him up in a hotel for two weeks of training. But the nondescript R.T. makes one error in judgment: he decides to bring along a young friend, Ryan, who uses the two weeks to get high on Ecstasy and spend his days looking for alluring women at the pleasure palace’s pool.
But Ryan doesn’t sleep at night, and he makes it nearly impossible for R.T. to, either, putting his new job at risk. The situation gets even more bizarre when Ryan meets the drop-dead gorgeous Francesca at the hotel’s bar and invites her back to the room while the increasingly neurotic R.T. is at work. Francesca makes a strong impression on Ryan – perhaps too strong, since her motives appear to go well beyond orgies in bed. Francesca is obsessed with a rich, older gentleman staying at the hotel who had mistreated her – and she seems intent on motivating Ryan’s Alpha Male side to help her enact revenge.
The more Francesca talks, the more she appears to envision a hideously blood revenge. Is Ryan likely to succumb to her naked hostility? And yet …. is any of this really happening? Do the characters have an impaired sense of reality, or a collapsing depth perception? What exactly is going on in the room within that historic hotel in Fort Lauderdale, where a wet spot mysteriously reappears on the desk, and where shadowy figures move through the room in the pitch darkness of night? And by the end, is the audience exposed as more than simply voyeurs to the macabre happenings?
Welcome to “Murder Sleep” … a play likely to stab brutally at you in your dreams long after you’ve seen it.
“Murder Sleep” was performed in May at the 2016 annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, where it won a Patron’s Award.