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Freeline Media is the online magazine that covers the Greater Orlando area, with a special emphasis on one thing: finding the positive, upbeat and encouraging news about what’s happening in Central Florida.
By logging on to, you can read about this fast-growing, thriving region, a capital for tourism innovation, advanced health care programs, the traditional mainstay of the citrus and farming industry, and now a growing high tech field. Central Florida remains an exciting and dynamic place, with a strong future. The people who have chosen to call this region home know that Central Florida will continue to expand and attract new investment in the coming years.
For an online magazine, that’s a lot to cover. When you click on to the site, Freeline Media will take you to a lot of places. We have covered the business community, government, giants in the theme parks and hospitality field, and the ever-changing world of real estate. We’re also here to cover the more low key, but still crucial aspects of our lives, all the things that brought us here in the first place.
Freeline Media will help guide you through the plentiful options we have here, with reviews of upcoming concerts, theater productions, and local restaurants.
We share our opinions and values with our readers, letting them know what the staff here at Freeline Media thinks in exciting, refreshing columns like Freelining with Mike Freeman and In-Cite.
Most importantly, Freeline Media goes out of its way to find and cover positive events that other print or online publications are simply ignoring. At Freeline Media, it’s not just about sensational crime stories, hype about rising jobless numbers, or the latest grim statistics in home foreclosure rates. It’s easy to pile on the negative news, which so many other publications are only too eager to do.
Instead, at Freeline Media we offer you a far more hopeful glimpse at your community, shining a light on the people who still believe Central Florida is a terrific place to live, and who are working quietly behind the scenes to do things to make this region better, to bring some hope to their neighborhoods, and to help all of us achieve a brighter future.
Freeline Media is here to remind everyone that Central Florida has wonderful people, businesses and institutions, and we’ve got them covered.


Freeline Productions was founded in November 2008 by Michael W. Freeman, a veteran journalist and fiction writer. He had written an original play, and formed Freeline Productions as the production company to get the show produced. In October 2010, Freeman expanded Freeline Productions to include an online magazine, Freeline Media.

Freeline Productions, LLC

1503 E. Marks St.

Orlando FL 32803

Email us at

Michael W. Freeman


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