Freeline Media Review: “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill”

Theatre Downtown is now producing "Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill."

Theatre Downtown is now producing “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill.”

ORLANDO — It would be hard to imagine any ways in which Desiree Perez could improve on her electrifying performance as Billie Holiday in the Theatre Downtown production of “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill.”
Perez is totally authentic and absolutely magnetic in the role — which is nothing if not an exceptionally challenging one. It isn’t just that she needs to recreate the persona, voice and mannerisms of a legendary singer whose works remain a staple of the Jazz movement and continue to excite audiences today, though she accomplishes all of that with ease.
What is even more remarkable about the role is that Perez is not just giving the audience the well-known Billie Holliday performing at a local nightclub in Philadelphia called Emerson’s — but a highly intoxicated Holiday.
And a Holiday who is falling apart, emotionally. Read more »

Freeline Productions files application with Orlando Fringe for “Murder Sleep”

Freeline Productions has taken out an application for the 2015 Orlando Fringe Festival for its play "Murder Sleep."

Freeline Productions has taken out an application for the 2015 Orlando Fringe Festival for its play “Murder Sleep.”

ORLANDO – Freeline Productions will file an application for the 2015 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. The Orlando-based Freeline is entering playwright Michael W. Freeman’s eerie thriller “Murder Sleep”, a variation of Shakespeare’s classic (and bloody) drama “Macbeth”.
Applications are now available for the 24th annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. There is a $25 application fee, and the deadline to apply is Nov. 21 at 5 p.m.
The public lottery will be held on Dec. 8 at 6 p.m. at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center’s Margeson Theater (known to Fringe dwellers as the Orange Venue).
The 24th annual Orlando Fringe, which will be held in May, is also celebrating a new partnership with the Orlando Museum of Art, which will become the Gold Venue.
Freeline Production is filing a Fringe application for “Murder Sleep,” an original play set in an aging hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Read more »

Do you love, love, love your calendar girl?

The WingHouse calendar for 2015 is now available -- bikinis galore!

The WingHouse calendar for 2015 is now available — bikinis galore!

LARGO — According to the calendar, fall is coming up on Monday, Sept. 22 – although, of course, in Central Florida the tropical weather will make most of us feel like summer isn’t over just yet.
With that in mind, a well-known restaurant chain has made it clear that regardless of whether it’s summer or fall, the bikinis are here to stay — year-round, in fact.
To reinforce that point, Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill has unveiled its 20th Annual WingHouse Girls Swimsuit Calendar, now ready to be purchased at all 24 WingHouse locations in Florida.
“We are incredibly excited about this year’s WingHouse Girls Swimsuit Calendar — and think it’s one of the best we’ve produced to date,” said Crawford Ker, CEO and founder of Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill. “It’s hard to believe we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary of both the calendar and the restaurant, but it makes this year’s calendar very special to me and our loyal customers.” Read more »

“Bloody Rabbit” explores a modern-day rise in anti-Semitism

"Bloody Rabbit" takes readers on a terrifying journey into one man's plunge into darkness.

“Bloody Rabbit” explores how anti-Semitism increases as society looks for scapegoats.

ORLANDO — The Great Recession brought terrible hardship to millions of people, and R.T. Robeson is no exception.
The Orlando man thought he had it all by his late 40s, but the recession took everything he had — his job, his savings, his home, car, even his cat. As he struggles to find employment, he also tries desperately to hold onto his dignity.
Things eventually turn around for Robeson: he finds a new, lower paying job, and a tiny apartment that is affordable on his new salary. But something else has changed. In a society that has seen its wealth and opportunities wiped away, there are some who look for scapegoats. In the minds of the most twisted among them, those scapegoats are easy to find.
Freeline Productions’ novel “Bloody Rabbit” explores the rise of anti-Semitism following a devastating economic crash — seen through the eyes of a man who now finds himself being targeted, and stalked, by someone who believes one specific group can be blamed for this ongoing economic misery: the Jews. Read more »

Summer Chiller (movie flashback): “Chinatown”

"Chinatown" remains one of the most highly praised movies in film history.

“Chinatown” remains one of the most highly praised movies in film history.

As the summer heat continues to sizzle, Freeline Media has some recommendations for ways to stay cool, and one way is by watching a sobering and emotionally-gripping drama. Today’s recommendation: A 1970s noir made in the Watergate era, that is today considered to be one of the greatest films ever made

When Jake Gittes, the lead character in the 1974 film noir classic “Chinatown,” was a beat cop in the Chinatown neighborhood of 1930s Los Angeles, his motto was to do “as little as possible.” Crime was rampant there and it was tough for the cops to know who were the good guys and who weren’t. So they decided the best course of action was to look the other way, to turn a blind eye to the corruption all around them.
After leaving the police force, Gittes developed a lucrative business doing the exact opposite – looking too much. As a matrimonial detective, he spies on cheating spouses and helps catch them in the act. The pay is good and provides Gittes with a spiffy office, nice suits and an attractive apartment. Read more »

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